Software writers must register their work with the U.S copyright office in order to protect their individuality and originality. With regard to this, registration with the U.S copyright office is the safest and one of the best ways. On the other hand, the process of software copyright registration is easy and inexpensive. If you are a software author, you need to follow the same since it is not only a safeguard of your original work but it is a great insurance deal for you.
You do not need to register your software work to get acquire copyright protection. This is because the moment you have your software fixed in a concrete medium, you tend to possess the copyright. This implies that no one is able to replicate, display, distribute, or adapt your work without your authorization. However, if your work is registered with actual copyright registration, you can have substantial benefits.

Advantages of registration
Suing infringers:
The registration helps you protect originality of your creation. Therefore, if you find if anyone has replicated your work, you can stop him/her from utilizing or infringing on your work by suing the infringer in federal court. In regard to this matter, you must have first registered your work with the Copyright Office of U.S. If you need to register hurriedly for urgency, you have to shell out quite a few hundreds dollars more for “expedited registration”. However, if you are registered, you can easily go with legal proceedings. It will be best if you seek legal assistance from an expert trademark lawyer. In this regard, Miami trademark lawyer can get you best consultation on this.

Registration helps you get legal damages
You can find out another substantial reason for registering your work soon after you publish the software. All copyright possessors may look for damages in an infringement lawsuit. However, if you have registered your work before the violation initiated or within three months of the work’s publication, you may get damages in forms of-expenses of legal proceedings and your attorney’s fees and statutory damages.

Registration is important since it is quite tough to show how much the infringement can damage the copyright possessor. The proceedings of courts’ costs and attorney’s fees are expensive. Therefore, if you can get statutory damages, fees of attorney and federal court’s costs, you can have chances to recover adequate money to make your lawsuit valuable.

Registration helps you abstain from legal proceedings
Lastly, early copyright registration can help you stay out of court. In this regard, an infringing user who has enough knowledge that you could get significant statutory damages in court will be longing to settle the matter out of the court.
Registering a copyright
It is easy to register copyright in the federal court. All you need to do is to fill a simple form and send it to the U.S copyright Office.

Still if you find this process complicated, you can take help from an experienced and efficient Miami copyright attorney to avoid the complexity of the fill in process.