You may think that you are the type of person who is an upstanding citizen, you follow rules, and you certainly never break any laws that could get you in trouble. Is that the case, however? Each and every one of us break the rules on a daily basis and you may not even know it – or you do and you don’t really think it is a big deal. For most of us, it is a little out of column A and a lot out of column B. 

Not convinced? Here are a few ways that you break the law every day.

DUIs – Just How Many Beers Can You Drink?

By the time we all hit certain ages, we think that we can determine just how drunk we actually are after a night at the bar – but we are often wrong. We will use our internal calculator to determine just how many beers we can drink before getting a DUI, for example. 

The truth is that there isn’t one number that covers everyone (except a very large one that will kill you). Even if you aren’t drinking, DUIs include certain medications as well – and most people don’t think about that when they go to drive.

Not Cleaning Up After Your Dog

We’ve all been there – you are walking Teddy through a pretty isolated area and he has to go to the bathroom. You have your doggie bags in that bone on the leash, but you just let him go and walk away. Sometimes you think it may be better for the environment (and it actually is), you just don’t want to use up another bag, you don’t want to bend over, or you just think it is gross. No matter what your reasoning is, not cleaning up after your dog is against the law – regardless of where you are or what the circumstances dictate. 

Do yourself a favor (and anyone else who may be walking through that path later on) and just pick it up. 


When we travel the same roads every day, it can be pretty easy to go faster to get somewhere earlier (or less late). However, even if you are the only person on the street and you know it well, speeding is against the law.

So many of us rationalize speeding because everyone else is doing it, you’re a good driver, or you just need to keep up with traffic patterns. All of those things may be true and law enforcement isn’t likely to actually stop you if you are simply keeping up with traffic – but there is always a chance.

Eating While Driving

Let’s break down another situation that we all have been in – eating while driving in the car. There are so many different reasons why we may do this. Perhaps we are in a hurry and need to be somewhere or maybe, and this is a very common occurrence, we just want to eat a hamburger and fries without having to buy something for our entire families. Next time you want to enjoy a few chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, you may want to just pull over and enjoy them.

Of course, this doesn’t just go for eating – drinking is technically against the law as well. Not just alcoholic beverages (though those can get you in a lot of trouble), drinking coffee, a soda, or even water is technically against most state laws as well.

Not Addressing Your Change Of Address

We are moving more than ever before, and it can become quite a hassle to keep up with changes of addresses. Plus, it can be expensive to get a new license or state ID every time you move if you do it frequently. For this reason, most people simply allow their cards to expire and then update it. (The same things happen when we get married and have our last names changed.)

Not updating your address is technically against the law, especially if you get into an accident. While most people won’t actually face charges for it, you may have a hard time getting back your wallet or license if it is lost. 

So the truth is that we all break laws on a daily basis. This doesn’t make us bad people. Most of the time, it may not even get us in trouble. However, we should all strive to be just a little bit better about putting ourselves and those we love in danger.
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